Builder Services

Helping from the ground, up.

Voyant Automation is committed to delivering the highest quality low voltage system installations into commercial and residential structures in a professional and safe manner.  We are available to our builders before and after these primary steps in the building process...

Initial Consultation

The purpose of our initial face to face consultation is to allow our Builders to tell us exactly what their low voltage desires are; and for Voyant Automation professionals to provide suggestions and information on how to achieve those goals.


Once we have all questions answered and a low voltage system mapped out, we send our dedicated service technicians to the home to provide low voltage prewire services.

Finish Out

 Voyant installation technicians return to the home at the end of the building process to provide full finish out of all low voltage components (Projectors, Televisions, Switches, Thermostats, Speakers, Plates, etc.).

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