Home Theater

For the utmost cinematic experience

One size does NOT fit all.  Voyant Automation understands that every home is unique and every client has their own distinct style, which is why we provide customized home theater systems that meet those individual needs.  For every home theater, we provide the following...

Schematic Design

We consider the effects of the projector or TV location, speaker location, and even furniture size and placement when designing your Home Theater in order to maximize both your auditory and visual experience.

Custom Solutions

Voyant does not sell one-size-fits-all packages.  Every home theater and every Client is unique, which means we provide custom solutions every time.  The end result is a top-of-the-line home theater at the lowest price possible.

Highest Quality at the Lowest Price

Voyant only works with the most reliable, well trusted, and durable products, meaning you never have to worry about the quality of the system we install.  We also partner with distributors to achieve the lowest prices available, and pass those savings along to our clients.

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